Sanofi Pasteur Vaccines

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Physicians’ Alliance of America (PAA) has a vaccines preferred pricing agreement with Sanofi Pasteur. In order to participate in this contract, you must complete the Sanofi Pasteur Letter of Intent and fax it to our office at (770) 446-9814 or email it to Practices who only purchase the flu vaccine from Sanofi Pasteur, please complete the Flu Only Letter of Intent. To take advantage of the discounted prices, you must agree to comply with certain ordering requirements explained in the Letter of Intent.

Please Note:
You must be a member of Physicians' Alliance to participate in our agreement. If you are not yet a member, please click here to complete our membership form. Once you have submitted the membership form, return to this page to join our Sanofi Pasteur Vaccine Agreement.

We are proud to have Sanofi Pasteur as a partner. We have partnered with this industry leader for many years and have seen their professionalism and commitment. Sanofi Pasteur’s vision is “a world in which no one suffers or dies from a vaccine preventable disease.” They have a strong history of service to our members and the community. For more information, please visit their website at

The vaccines that Sanofi Pasteur currently offers are:

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