PAA Members Suggested the following steps to help address hesitancy


  1. Make immunizing a standard of care at your practice using flyers, posters and include in packets sent to new patients or at “meet the doc”(prenatal) visits
  2. Ensure the all staff are trained and on board with understanding and supporting this standard of care
  3. Talk about immunizations at EVERY visit.
  4. Use personal experiences (providers and staff) regarding immunizing- “I immunize(d) all of my children.”
  5. Solicit and use testimonials from immunization positive parents (get consent to use this).
  6. Use practice web site, blogs, social media, etc., to post positive messages about immunizations, current disease outbreaks and vaccine related news…
  7. Determine practice policy re “flexing” immunization schedules. A number of respondents are doing some flexing with parental commitment to being on track by 1 year or 2 year mark.
  8. Be prepared to discuss and show specific consequences of not immunizing. Tear sheets are available and consider parental testimony.
  9. Encourage discussion with hesitators to determine the cause(s) of their hesitancy and address the specific, personal concern(s).
  10. Counsel and don’t condemn or judge parents.
  11. Familiarize yourself with the contents of some anti-vaccine web sites and have responses ready
  12. Be prepared to address top concerns- autism, thimerosal, side effects, pain, etc, with facts
  13. “We are all just one airline flight away from a whole list of diseases- vaccine preventable or not!”
  14. Make pro-immunization material available at the office and on your web site.
  15. Vaccines are unique in that they are victims of their own success. But “old” diseases are coming back (i.e., pertussis) and we do not heard about the hundreds of smaller outbreaks across the country.
  16. Have a consistent, positive message by all staff at the practice.
  17. Reassure parents by addressing concerns, factually and personally.
  18. Give parents a list of positive resources, both scientific and personal.