Values, Vision & Goals

Our core values and our overall vision and goals for our members and the vendor partners who join with us to serve our members:

Core Values

  • Service - an ongoing commitment to serve our members
  • Integrity - an ongoing commitment to honesty and diligence in all of our dealings with members
  • Value - continually seek to further increase the value of membership
  • Respect - commitment to respect members’ time, trust, resources, intelligence and bottom lines


We constantly strive to be the industry leader in value, service, commitment and scope, and to be the “go to” GPO for members.

  • Provide members with a range of opportunities to positively impact their bottom lines
  • Provide regular, appropriate and effective communication with our members
  • Attract and retain quality vendor partners offering quality goods and services at preferred prices and terms
  • Provide timely, useful and cost effective educational resources to members
  • Attract new members and retain current members to facilitate the recruitment and retention of quality vendor partners and thereby ensure optimal value of membership