OB/GYN Immunizations

                            Immunizing in the ObGyn Practice: Is It for You?

Historically considered the domain of Pediatricians, immunizing has changed dramatically over the past 5 years and these changes are expected to continue. As more vaccines for adolescents and adults come to market, ObGyns are incorporating immunizations into their practices. Vaccines offer practices the opportunity to broaden their scope of service, enhance the quality of care provided and add revenue, all while staying true to the mission of the practice.
As immunizations are new to most ObGyn practices and there are dollars involved, we suggest that practices do appropriate due diligence before jumping into immunizing. Which vaccines are we considering? Which vaccines do our patients need? How do we fit immunizations into our patient flow? How do we make sure that we get paid for immunizing? What are the upfront costs? These and other issues need to be addressed before starting to immunize.
Now that we have reinforced your fears and concerns, please allow us to tell you that this process is not that difficult. There are answers and there are resources to help you. We have developed a PowerPoint packet that will help guide you through the assessment, implementation and monitoring processes. If you would like us to send it to you, please email us at  info@physall.com and we will email it to you.
                          Immunizations - good medicine and good business.