About Us


Physicians' Alliance of America, a group purchasing organization, was founded in 1992 by a handful of physicians worried about the rising costs of operating a practice. The stated mission of Physicians' Alliance is to help our member practices improve their bottom lines, and by providing preferred pricing and terms on a full range of goods and services practices use every day, we do just that. Our thousands of member physicians collectively save millions of dollars every year thanks to their PAA membership.

On January 1, 2009, we implemented our Vaccines Rebate Program. With this program, member practices have the opportunity to earn rebates from PAA by purchasing vaccines through our contracts. Members reaching preset net sales figures are eligible to receive these rebates. These are in addition to, and totally separate from, any manufacturer rebates.

Non-Profit Group Purchasing Organization

Physicians' Alliance was founded by physicians for physicians. To this day we are the only non-profit group purchasing organization still run by a Board composed primarily of practicing physicians. Our Board members face the very same challenges our members do.

Thank you for your interest in Physicians' Alliance. Please remember that membership in Physicians' Alliance is free and participation is voluntary. Our members choose which of our valuable agreements they want to access. We recommend all of them as each one has value, but it is left to the member to decide which agreements they want to use.

If you’d like to get started saving your practice money, just click on the “Join Us” link and complete the short, secure form. We will quickly get to you the information you need to take full advantage of our agreements.

On behalf of all of us at Physicians' Alliance of America, we look forward to serving you!

Jenny Watters
Executive Director