LILETTA IUD Approved to Prevent Pregnancy for up to Four Years

Allergan and Medicines360 announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved  Liletta (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system) for the prevention of pregnancy for up to 4 years.  "The newly approved indication for LILETTA is an important milestone in our work to make this IUD available to women, in partnership with Allergan," said  Jessica Grossman , M.D., CEO of Medicines360. "Our mission is to help women access safe and effective contraception, and the new four-year indication for LILETTA is good news for women who want the reliability and flexibility that a hormonal IUD can offer."
The FDA's approval of the supplemental New Drug Application (sNDA) was based on efficacy and safety data from an ongoing Phase 3 ACCESS IUS trial. The study showed Liletta was greater than 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy in a broad range of women, regardless of age, body mass index, parity, and race. 
"Allergan is committed to advancing options in women's healthcare, and we are pleased to partner with Medicines360 to further our common goal to offer women effective and safe contraceptives," said  David Nicholson , Ph.D., Chief Research and Development Officer, Allergan. "The FDA's approval of an extended indication for LILETTA is another step forward for women's reproductive health options."    
LILETTA is a hormone-releasing IUD (intrauterine device) 
for women desiring pregnancy prevention for up to 4 years. 
It is available exclusively through Anda Incorporated.  For
more information,call 1-855-LILETTA (1-855-545-3882)
or visit

Medicines360 Partners with Allergan
Medicines360 is a nonprofit global women's health pharmaceutical company with a mission to expand access to quality medicines for all women regardless of their socioeconomic status, insurance coverage or geographic location. According to Medicines360, "Our mission is to expand access.  When you choose LILETTA, you are choosing more than just a hormonal intrauterine system (IUD)   -  you are choosing to help all IUD-appropriate women have access. We developed our first product-LILETTA-for the sole reason of making it available to all IUD-appropriate women regardless of their insurance coverage. We formed a groundbreaking partnership with Allergan to bring LILETTA to market using innovative approaches to help expand access to LILETTA." 
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