Adult Immunization Fact Sheet

  • CDC estimates that vaccine preventable diseases in adults cost this country ~$10 Billion per year. 
  • 45,000 adults per year die from vaccine preventable diseases. Hundreds of thousands of others are hospitalized each year. 
  • Adults account for 1/3 of the estimated1-3 Million new cases of Pertussis each year. As infants are at the greatest risk of death the CDC recommends that all adults in close contact with infants get a Pertussis immunization. Only 2% of the adults recommended to get a TDAP shot get it. 
  • Hepatitis is 100 times more infectious than HIV. Adults represent >95% of new Hep B infections. Adults who have had more than one sexual partner during the previous six months are recommended to be immunized. Only 23% of those who should get Hep B immunizations do. 
  • Greater than 85% of all STDs are NOT diagnoses at an STD clinic. 
  • According to a National Foundation for Infectious Diseases survey, 87% of (adult) respondents said they were likely to be immunized if their doctor recommended it. Only 41% said they would ask for a vaccine if their doctor did not mention it.