About PAA

Physicians' Alliance of America (PAA), a nonprofit Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), was founded in 1992 by a handful of physicians worried about the rising costs of operating a practice. The stated mission of Physicians' Alliance is to help our member practices improve their bottom lines, and by providing preferred pricing and terms on a full range of goods and services practices use every day, we do just that.

We help our 10,000+ practice members of all sizes and specialties across the country save millions of dollars with:

FREE ACCESS to preferred pricing and terms from 35 vendors.

FREE MEMBERSHIP and NO CONTRACT. Members choose which agreements they want to access.

A BROAD RANGE OF AGREEMENTS covering virtually all areas of practice operations- from EMRs to medical waste and all points in between. We are always looking for new and additional vendors to help our members and further increase the value of PAA membership.

VACCINES REBATE PROGRAM which can reduce the net cost of vaccines to Best Prices PLUS!

 • A 20+ year track record of value and service to our members.

Your commitment is to serving your patients. Our commitment is to serving our members by helping them reduce costs, increase revenue and educate their staff. We continually strive to make membership even more valuable to our members.

On behalf of all of us at Physicians' Alliance of America, we look forward to serving you!

Jenny Watters

Executive Director

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